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Professional Chimney Repair Solutions In NYC

Your trusted experts for chimney cleaning, repair, and maintenance. We ensure your home’s safety and efficiency with top-notch service.

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Chimney Repair Services

Our goal at Approved Chimney NYC is to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of your heating systems and chimney in New York City. One of the many services we offer is a full inspection of your chimney to find and fix any problems. To improve the longevity and functionality of your chimney, we provide Proform and Thermocrete chimney lining. Our long-lasting defense against heat and damage is provided by our stainless steel chimney lining. We can assist you in switching to a greener, more effective heating system since we specialize in Oil to Gas conversion. Our Chimney Extensions increase airflow and efficiency, while Boiler Breeching ensures sure the exhaust gases are safely vented. To preserve the structural integrity of your chimney, we also take care of Chimney Stacks installations and repairs. For dependable, superior solutions for all of your chimney needs, rely on Approved Chimney NYC.

Chimney Inspection

Approved Chimney NYC offers thorough chimney inspections across New York City to guarantee the security and safety of your house.

Thermocrete Chimney Lining

Approved Chimney NYC offers Thermocrete Chimney Lining, an innovative way to strengthen and restore your chimney. This ceramic coating provides superior insulation and resistance to heat and chemicals by sealing gaps and fractures, which is an ideal option for increasing the safety and efficiency of your chimney. Our team handles everything with care, which increases both protection and performance. Join us and explore the benefits of Thermocrete Chimney Lining Service.

Oil to Gas Conversion

Approved Chimney NYC specializes in Oil to Gas Conversion, assisting you in transitioning to a more sustainable, more efficient heating system in New York City. From inspecting your existing system to setting up new gas lines and equipment, our staff takes care of everything. Gas conversion minimizes its influence on the environment, saves money on heating, and guarantees consistent heat. A smooth and secure transfer to a cutting-edge heating system that satisfies your demands is guaranteed by Approved Chimney NYC.

Boiler Breeching

To guarantee the safe and effective venting of your boiler system, Approved Chimney provides professional boiler breeching services. Maintaining maximum boiler efficiency and routing exhaust gasses out of your house need proper breeching. Our skilled experts use premium materials that resist heat and corrosion to develop and install systems that are customized to your specific configuration. Use our first-rate Breeching Solutions to ensure safe and dependable boiler operation.

Proform Chimney Lining

Our Proform Chimney Lining solution makes your chimney more durable and performs better. The life of your chimney is extended by this special liner, which reduces heat transmission and blocks dangerous materials. Our experienced professionals guarantee an error-free installation, providing a permanent solution for a chimney that stays operational. Approved Chimney NYC is the best choice for reliable and efficient chimney lining services.

Stainless Steel Chimney Lining

For your chimney, our Stainless Steel Chimney Lining service provides excellent durability. These liners are ideal for long-term maintenance because of their exceptional resistance to heat, acidic byproducts, and rust. They guarantee optimal performance by improving the safety and effectiveness of your chimney. Our professional installation ensures a flawless fit and low-maintenance results. For premium Stainless Steel Chimney Lining, put your trust in Approved Chimney Services.​

Chimney Extensions

Approved Chimney offers Chimney Extensions services to improve the efficiency and appearance of your chimney. Extensions can improve airflow, minimize smoke backflow, and increase overall efficiency. Our trained specialists create and install exclusive additions that match your home's appearance and needs. Whether you need better ventilation or code compliance, we have solutions that assure maximum performance and safety. Trust us to provide skilled and effective chimney expansions.​

Chimney Stacks

Maintain the strength of your chimney with Approved Chimney's Chimney Stacks service in New York City. We ensure efficient gas and smoke venting through our installations, repairs, and restorations. To guarantee long-term durability and great craftsmanship, our technicians inspect your chimney stack for any damage, leaks, or cracks using quality materials. Approved Chimney NYC offers expert chimney stack treatments that can protect your property and improve performance.

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Fast & Reliable Chimney Service

At Approved Chimney, we take pride in offering reliable and professional chimney services in New York City. Our clients trust us to handle their chimney needs with care and expertise. From cleaning and repairs to routine maintenance, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home’s chimney. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our top-notch service.

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Trusted Chimney Repair Solutions

At Approved Chimney, we specialize in providing reliable and efficient chimney repair services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring your chimney is safe, functional, and well-maintained. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, we’ve got you covered with solutions you can trust.

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